My name is Julie Duquette, I am a plump woman. Graduated in industrial design, I worked for 12 years in the field, including 4 years as a freelancer. I therefore developed several years of experience in product research and development, in addition to experience in project management and corporate image. I then did a DEP in hairdressing and I own my hairdressing salon which has been a success for 7 years, the salon La Cornette.


    My sidekick, designer, partner and friend Yvan Cuerrier decided to join me for this crazy idea to open a plus size clothing store during a pandemic! Yvan has more than 30 years of experience in sewing in different fields: a graduate in men's and women's tailoring, recipient of the prize for young designers in Quebec, he also owned a clothing store called QRrier. Yvan made drag costumes for years. He has been an active member of cinematographic unions since 1998, where he held all the positions in the costume department.

  • We both met several years ago following our mutual involvement in a boutique on Plaza St-Hubert. Yvan designed
    a clothing line for this company. While I was in charge of the opening works and the decoration concept, as well as web design and management. We became friends and always kept the hope of one day opening a shop.

    When one of Quebec's largest plus-size fashion brands was closing, our reaction was to wonder if the time had come to realize our dream. It didn't take much for us to decide! I had the experience and Yvan the incredible expertise! So! We were launched! We found a place, planned the shop and the sewing workshop during
    summer 2020, to finally open Rock'N Ronde in September.